Top 5 technical tips for your business

1. Centralise all company data and email

  • It's impossible to manage your data when it is in various locations
  • Consider using Microsoft Exchange for email
    • Brings immediate benefit to any growing business
    • Share contacts and calendars with other users
    • Remote accessibility to your mailbox via any computer

2. Implement a backup regime

  • If you do not have a complete backup solution, you risk losing vital company data when hardware fails
  • Backup can also provide convenience - when you accidentally deleted that file!

3. Remote connectivity

  • Be able to work from anywhere as if you were in the office
  • Stay connected when 'on the go' via any modern mobile phone

4. Keep your technology up-to-date

  • Your productivity is valuable - time is money
  • A slow computer can be like a 'ball and chain'
  • Do not wait until the system fails altogether

5. Eradicate viruses and spam

  • Viruses can be both costly and catastrophic to your business
  • Spam wastes resources, pollutes crucial business information, and is unprofessional