Are Emoji’s making us illiterate or more connected?

As a 44-year man, I used to consider the use of Emojis slightly infantile and in some cases a more confusing form of communication, rather than the written word.  I felt that Emojis were contributing to the degradation of our culture to simplify communication, offering a crude alternative and slowly making our society more stupid.

After watching my 11-year-old daughter who has now reached the age where she requires a phone, with having to walk home from secondary school on occasions.  I see how as a Generation Z she uses emojis to communicate quickly, adding more humour and depth to her messages and communication.  I have now realised that Emojis don’t simplify communication they add another level of complexity in how we can portray a message with emotional purpose.

If you want to express yourself better within your text then you should also reach for Emojis, as they are creative, funny and can take a conversation to places that words cannot reach.  I now admit I was wrong because the bank of recognised pictorial emotions has manifested as a language in its own right, and are brilliant in their simplicity and universal recognition.  They operate beyond language and can be used and understood in any country in the world because they are globally available through most messaging platforms.

As professor Mehrabian said that communication is only 7% verbal and 93% non-verbal which is expressed through body language and tone of voice.  So emojinal writing brings us closer to that statistic in that we can express so much more through these meaningful graphics.  They can stop texts being misinterpreted or jokes falling flat, because they can’t deliver the punch line through the text alone.

As a generation X, I have so much to learn, because I stand at the beginning of my understanding of emojis and still don’t know what many of them mean. The more I them through sending and receiving messages, the more I understand their meaning.  As mankind moves ever deeper into this technological revolution, Emojis are one of the small by products that bring more meaning to how we express ourselves.

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