Technical Support Services

We have two ways of supporting a company's technology:

  • Ad-hoc Support System
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) Support System

Ad-hoc Support System

Using this system you can call on us as and when you need support. Labour is charged at an hourly rate and any hardware/software required to complete the job is quoted for independently. Our callout fee covers the first half hour of diagnosis/support and further assistance is charged by the hour thereafter. This type of support is based on a queuing system, so if specific response times are required then our SLA option below is more suitable.

SLA Support System

Our service level agreements are individually tailored to provide the most cost effective solution for supporting all or part of your company's technical infrastructure.

By taking our a service level agreement you gain access to Oblong Tech support services via manageable monthly fees rather than large unexpected costs that come when you least want them.

Services Included

We are often asked to facilitate unusual requirements when our customers have unique needs and we are always keen to rise to the challenge. However, some of our more common services are listed below.

Hardware Support:

  • All core components in desktop systems and servers.
  • Support for pre-built computers from companies like Dell, HP and Apple.
  • We stock a basic range of hardware such as power supplies, hard drives and network equipment to speed up replacement of hardware when required.

Liaison with 3rd Party Vendors:

  • Liaison with suppliers/manufacturers on your behalf when seeking replacement or repair of faulty monitors, laptops, routers, switches, hubs, firewalls, modems, printers, scanners and any other equipment covered by the agreement.
  • Liaison with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) when pursuing issues with your broadband connection.

Software Maintenance:

  • Maintenance of software applications across all desktops/laptops.
  • Software version upgrades, installation, configuration and removal.
  • Regulation of basic security features, including software firewalls, antivirus and antispyware.
  • Analysis and repair of PC's that have been infected by any malware.
  • We attempt to support bespoke software where possible and liaise with the software provider on your behalf where necessary.
  • As Microsoft registered partners, we support all Microsoft applications and operating systems. We also support most common Mac software and many other software packages.

Server Administration and Management:

  • Creation, deletion and modification of user accounts and mailboxes.
  • Management of shared directories including permissions and backup configuration.

Training and Tutorials:

  • Telephone support provides direction on how to use your systems to carry out all basic tasks.
  • We offer more advanced training in certain areas and can organise any third-party training on your behalf.

Backup Management:

  • Setup and monitoring of regular automated backup of server configuration to enable fast disaster recovery.
  • Setup and monitoring of automated email server backup, including Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and public folder stores.
  • Setup and monitoring of automated server data backup to tapes of other removable media.
  • Schedule and notification of media rotation requirements.
  • Setup of regular automated user data and email backup from desktops to the server.

Online Hosting Management:

  • Purchase, renewal and configuration of all domain name registrations.
  • Configuration of website and email hosting services and online databases.

Note: We also provide website and email hosting services via our partner company, Oblong Live Limited.